Best Chat Center In Nanded

Hi, Everyone Today I am going to talk about one of the famous things in India. And it is related to the food. So the Food is chat Bhandar, I mean Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Seve Puri, Dahi Puri, And the Pav Bhaji. And I Think everyone like these foods because it is very tasty and spicy. And I think […]

Rivers In Nanded And Its Details.

Today I will tell you About the Rivers In Nanded, But Before that, we must need to understand that Why we need Rivers? As you all know On Earth, Here 75% is water and 25% is Earth land. It clearly shows that water is very very important for all of us and Rivers are the main source of water. And […]

One Of The Best Railway Station In Nanded

Nanded has 2 railway stations which are Huzur Saheb Nanded Railway Station and Maltekdi Railway Station. In this blog we will talk about Maltekdi Railway Station. We went to Maltekdi railway station a few days ago, because the biggest role in Nanded’s one of the income source is of Maltekdi railway station. Because the goods of almost all the companies […]

Garden In Nanded and its Complete details

Hi, Today I am going to tell you all about the garden in Nanded. Formerly, you should know why we need gardens? in our environment. As we all the importance of plants and trees as they provide oxygen and filter the soil. And, many people visit the garden to explore with their families, friends and love ones. That’s why we […]

The Best Hotel & Family Restaurant In Nanded

All Type Of food In One Roof ! If you want to eat Arabian, Indian & fast food items in Nanded then you have got all these things under one roof, that is Grand plaza Family Restaurant. In this restaurant, you will get all the things, whatever you like, you will get all the things made well, which will make […]


Today I am going to tell you the best coffee shops in Nanded that I visited. Before that let us know about coffee, Such as the history of coffee, the origin of coffee in India, and the benefits of coffee. There is always be a debate on the history of coffee between two theories, And those theories are Popular Thopian […]

Mountain Of Nanded In 10 Min : Artistry Of Nature

This is the touring blog of Mountain In Nanded. Nanded is the City in Maharashtra State in India. The second biggest city in Marathwada area after Aurangabad is Nanded. Nanded is famous destination for Gurudawaras and specially for Guru Gobind Singh (10th Sikh Guru). Godavari River streams inside Nanded actually nanded is at banks of godavari river. Around 10 million […]