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Garden In Nanded and its Complete details

Garden In Nanded and its Complete details

Hi, Today I am going to tell you all about the garden in Nanded. Formerly, you should know why we need gardens? in our environment. As we all the importance of plants and trees as they provide oxygen and filter the soil. And, many people visit the garden to explore with their families, friends and love ones. That’s why we need gardens in our society.

Now, We come to our point that is garden in Nanded. So the name of Garden In Nanded is Visava Garden. This garden has lots of things for children, kids and for their parents. I visited this Garden with my team exploreinhinglish and having quality time. So, I will share with you my experience in this garden.

Garden In Nanded, Visava Garden.

When you entered the main gate of this garden you will see a lot of space, And this space is for parking, Here you will get Four (4) wheelers, Two Wheelers Parking. And you have to pay parking charges.


And at one Corner there was a ticket counter. And the ticket per head is 10 rupees. From here the main garden is stated. When you enter the garden you will see two sides, On the right side, you will see the Green portion with lots of plants and grass. And on the left side, you will see the green portion with grass and the kingdom of games. In the kingdom of games, there are many games are available for the kids. Some games are electronic & digital and some games are physical You can choose from your interest. In electronic & digital games, Car Race, Bike Race, Shooting Game, Daishing car and etc. And in physical games There separate portion For kids up to 8 years to play. All these games That is digital and physical games have separate charges, If you want To play these games you have to buy tickets from ticket corners in the kingdom of games.

In this portion, you can eat pani puri too because there is a pani puri stall. And Behind this kingdom, there is lots of space available where you can play, And spend your time, Chill with your friends, etc. And this is all about the left side of the garden. Now, let’s move to the right side of this beautiful garden.

Right Side Of Garden

On the right side of the garden, there are many things for the entertainment of children. When you move to the right side you will see two directions one in the right direction and the second in the left direction. In the right direction, you will see a ground with a grass bed. And on the other hand, that means in the left direction, You will see many games for kids. Games like Rolling Joker, A Small boating court, Jumping, High Jump And for adults there is cricket net is available. And for these games you have to buy tickets, For these, there is a separate ticket corner is present. Now, If you move a little from this section you will see, Stalls of food there are three main stalls, And those are Visawa Toy and Food Centre, Visawa Cold drinks and ice cream parlor, And Visawa Bhel Centre. Here, You can enjoy ice cream and bhel too. You can buy toys for your loved ones. And enjoy these things in the open air and fresh breathe.

Other Sides Of Garden In Nanded

let’s explore the other sides of the garden, If move a little from the last section you will see a water house, Around this, Cement benches are available where you can sit peacefully and enjoy the moment. After that you will see a tower, maybe this tower is in the middle of the garden, Around this garden, there is a space and Floors are available for sitting. Now, If you see the Exact right side of this tower you will see the Slip bandha ( Phisal Bandha), Uchak Cat (Uchak Billi), And many more games, And there is an artificial horse riding is also available. For this ride, you have to buy a ticket.

Now let’s talk about the Jurassic Park that is present inside this garden. To enter this Jurrasic Park, First, you have to buy tickets, In Jurassic Park, there is an artificial Dinosaur is present Which is an attraction for the people. And there are around 6 dinosaurs are present in Jurassic Park. You Can Photo with them, And on the opposite side of this, there is a Beautiful construction of Trees, Which is also an Artificial and Slip bandha ( Phisal Bandha) is there. And The Speciality of this Jurrasic Park is the Train. In this park, the train is available, With a Separate station. First, you have to buy tickets from the entry gate of this park and then show those tickets to the railway station of this rail. And then enjoy the ride. These are the things present in Jurassic Park.

Food Court In Garden

This Food Court is near Jurassic Park where you can find Delicious Food, Ice Cream, Toys. In the menu, there is a lot of things are present such as Vada Pav, Pappad, Pav Bhaji, Aloo chat, veg. Noddles, Pani Puri And etc. There is chairs are available for sitting. You can enjoy this food with your friends and families.

Address, Timing, And Ticket.

This Garden is situated and located VIP Vishnu Nagar, Nanded, Maharashtra 431602. But it is Famous as Visawa Garden. And timing For this garden is 6-10 am in the morning and 4-10 pm in the evening and this timing is for all 7 days. The ticket price of this garden is 10rs per head.

Out Side Of This Garden

Outside of the garden, there are many stalls are present, Such as Bhel Puri Centre, Ice Cream, Baraf Ka Gola, And etc. And you can find Auto easily here. And because of that, you don’t worry about traveling.

IF you want to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, This place is perfect in Nanded.

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