Turfs of Nanded : New Playground for everyone

Turfs, it is a ground of soil undermeath which has a layer of grass on above. To this generation, Turfs are the only playground are left for people. In my childhood, there were no such type of turfs are available so I used to play in front of my house street, in the farm, in the school entrance ground, in […]

Mountain Of Nanded In 10 Min : Artistry Of Nature

This is the touring blog of Mountain In Nanded. Nanded is the City in Maharashtra State in India. The second biggest city in Marathwada area after Aurangabad is Nanded. Nanded is famous destination for Gurudawaras and specially for Guru Gobind Singh (10th Sikh Guru). Godavari River streams inside Nanded actually nanded is at banks of godavari river. Around 10 million […]