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Shimla Town One Of The Best Veg & Non-Veg Hotel In Nanded

Shimla Town One Of The Best Veg & Non-Veg Hotel In Nanded

Nanded is well known for its food and there are many hotels which provide best food which taste is like homemade food. Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall is one of the hotel. As name tells all this hotel is special for Mandi. Our team visited in Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall and we shared our experience to you through this blog. So this blog is a review of Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall or you can say this as food blog.

Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall :-

Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall is in Nanded and in Nanded its is at Near Universal Hospital, Rahman Colony, Degloor Naka. The location of Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall on Google Maps is on below button.

Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall is just couple of months old when this blog was published. if we look from ahead, it looks like a very small shop however it is in reality large inside. Here its front view,

shimla town

This Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall is divided into two section as you can see upper section and lower section. So first we are gonna tell about upper section then lower.

Upper Section of Shimla Town :-

So first we have climbed stairs and then on right corner, there were entry to hotel. The glass on center and left is for perspective on outside for customer which gives standard look to hotel.

As we entered the hotel there were small street which is for individuals to place their shoes, sandals, footwear etc. On the street, it has two paths. Left one is for all and straight one is for family section.

Left Side :-

As we took left, we saw beautiful sitting arrangement for customers which was very comfortable. There were cushion mat on the floor which is convenient for sitting. There were flower pot in the corners. Those flowers on the pots were artificial but gave luxurious look.

There were separate tables for different customers and each table had its separate menu. There were almost 10 tables and that area had huge space which will not visible until you visit there. The large section is for everyone but the closed section of two tables is for a group of members 5 or more for their privacy and comfort.

Menu Card of Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall is here !!!

In Menu Card, There were numerous food things of modest cost. The most expensive dish of hotel Shimla Town is of Rs.1100/-. And the average amount of menu card items is just Rs.500/-. So even middle class family as well as first class family both can have food here which is really good.

Our team ordered Mandi and it’s taste was so delicious and the presentation of Mandi was superb. There were different items which looks so tasty. Here are some pics of food items of Shimla Town,

In above picture, There is a fish Mandi which is only available in Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall in Nanded. It is very tasty and its presentation is just wonderful. If you want to eat it you should definitely visit here.

In above, There are veg Kabab, non-veg Kabab, fish fry, chicken leg piece. As you can see Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall is one of the best in presentation of dish as well as in taste.

Straight Side :-

In Straight side, there were family sections. Each family section compartment was look like a separate room and it is very necessary for privacy. There were different small tables for comfort in each compartment. There are almost 7 compartments.

As you can see in above picture, there are almost 7 compartments and each compartment having same interior same space and exact same interior in above picture.

There were also toilets for both genders. Those toilets were very clean and hygienic. There were handwash on the wash basin for cleanliness. There were mirror over there.

And kitchen of Shimla Town hotel is also here. That’s the end of upper section. Now let’s talk about lower section.

Lower section :-

Lower Section of Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall is having a Party Hall. Here, There is a separate party hall for customers. If door are closed minimum sound is audible outside of the party hall which is very awesome.

That Party Hall in above picture is also having large space inside and also having separate tables for comfort of customers. It is also having different lights system which is only available in party hall which enhance the mood.

The Party Hall is also used as a space for disabled or handicapped people who can not use stairs. So there is a ramp for these people for their use and there is also stairs for party hall customers.

The service of Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall was very excellent. Their staff members using a same uniform which helps for recognise them easily.

From outside we saw two glass walls on left side area , So first wall is at closed section wall and another wall is at counter or payment area.

The person sitting on the chair is the owner of Hotel Shimla Town Mandi Hall. Owner’s name is late Mr. Aqeel Khan and he is very kind and gentle. Shimla town hotel is also have parcel service. If you face any queries then you contact to him. You can call him as well as text him through his WhatsApp mobile number is +918793984123 . The YouTube channel of owner is aqeel khan and Instagram handle is aqeelkhan_shimlatown4123 .

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