B Pharmacy
Best Career And Job Options After B Pharm

Best Career And Job Options After B Pharm

Hi, Today’s blog is on detailed knowledge of pharmacy and the best career and job options after B Pharm. Pharmacy is a professional course. It includes D Pharmacy, B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy, and Pharma D. These are the different courses in the pharmacy field, I will try to give some short and valuable knowledge of these topics. And detailed information on B pharmacy.

What is Pharmacy

Best Career And Job Options After B Pharm

Pharmacy is a branch of science that deals with the study of medicines, their origin, production, preparation, dispensing of drugs, And the use of drugs in the prevention and treatment of disease. Or in the other words, we can say it is a shop where medicines are produced and sold.

Pharmacy plays a vital role in the treatment of disease. For that, you need good knowledge and practice in medicine. That means you should be qualified with a professional course such as D Pharmacy, B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy, and Pharma D. Let’s discuss one by one.

D Pharmacy

D pharmacy is a diploma course, that is diploma in pharmacy. The duration of this course is 2 years. The exam pattern of this course is annual. During this duration, you will get sufficient knowledge to open a medical shop. You will get the knowledge of medicine that is required to become a pharmacist. And it is the basic course in the pharmacy field.

It is a basic knowledge of d pharmacy, If you want complete details and career options after d pharmacy then comment below, and I will generate a full blog post for d pharmacy.

B Pharmacy (Best Career And Job Options After B Pharm)

Best Career And Job Options After B Pharm

B Pharmacy is a bachelor’s degree. That is a bachelor of pharmacy. The duration of this course is 4 years. In this course, you will get detailed knowledge of medicine. After the completion of this course, You will become a registered pharmacist. It is the best course to get knowledge of pharmacy and medicine. After b pharmacy, there are many career options are available. And we are going to cover it all in this blog.

Best Career And Job Options After B Pharm

There are many career options are available after b pharmacy. For your better understanding of career options, I have classified the options into 6 different categories. And they are as follows

  • Government Jobs
  • Industrial Jobs
  • Academics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • IT Jobs
  • Further Education

Let’s discuss them one by one,

Government Jobs

After completing b pharmacy, you are eligible for a government job in the pharma sector. And there are three types of jobs are available

  • Drug Inspector
  • Railway Pharmacist
  • Government Pharmacist

Drug Inspector

This is the dream job of every graduate student of pharmacy, It is a class one officer job, And it is a high-paying job. To achieve this, you have to give a competitive exam. but in this job competition is very high and vacancies are very few. if you want this job then you have to give 100% effort.

Railway Pharmacist

It is a government job. This job belongs to the railway sector. For this post, the exam is conducted by the RRB Board. The D pharm & B pharm students both are eligible for this post. It is also a high-paying job in the pharma sector.

Government Pharmacist

In this job, you are the government pharmacist in a government hospital. As you know every city has a government hospital and they have a requirement for pharmacists. And if you are a registered pharmacist then you are eligible for the post. A separate exam is conducted for this post.

These all are government jobs, Now we are going to talk about careers in pharmaceutical industries.

Jobs In Pharmaceutical Industries

Many pharmacy students have a dream of job in the pharmaceutical industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, Mostly there are two types of jobs one is in the production unit and the second is in the R&D department.

In the production unit, two types of job opportunities are available one is in the Quality control department And the Second is in the Quality assurance department.

And in the R&D department, mostly the M Pharm students are preferred.

Jobs In Academics

After B Pharm, Your eligible to become a lecturer in the D pharm Colleges. And if you want to become a professor in B Pharma colleges then you have to complete the M Pharma. After completion of M Pharm, you can become a lecturer in B Pharma colleges.


Entrepreneurship means you can start your own business. The D Pharm & B Pharm both students are eligible to open a medical store. But after B pharm you can start your own medical shop, Wholesale medical store, or manufacturing unit. These options are available after B pharm.

Job In Marketing

After B Pharm And D Pharm, a Marketing job is also available that is MR (Medical Representative). In this job, you have to sell medicines of a particular brand by consulting doctors. And The sell target is given by the company.

These all are the job opportunities after b pharmacy. Let’s talk about further study options after B pharmacy.

Further Studies After B Pharmacy

As you there are many job opportunities available after B Pharmacy. But after B Pharm you go for further studies. This is one of the best options because on the basis of b pharm you get the job but at a very low package except for a government job. But, If you complete the M Pharm then you are preferred over the B Pharm student and you got a decent package. And your overall value is increased. If you want to study after M Pharm then you can go for the Ph.D.

This is all about the career options after B Pharmacy.

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