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The Best Hotel & Family Restaurant In Nanded

The Best Hotel & Family Restaurant In Nanded

All Type Of food In One Roof !

If you want to eat Arabian, Indian & fast food items in Nanded then you have got all these things under one roof, that is Grand plaza Family Restaurant. In this restaurant, you will get all the things, whatever you like, you will get all the things made well, which will make your test more enjoyable.

Grand Plaza Hotel & Family Restaurant :

The Grand Palaza restaurant was only a year old, but in this one year. This restaurant has made the taste of all the varieties of Nanded food even more delicious.

Not only taste, people like Grand Plaza Restaurant for the atmosphere of fun and for the family privacy. The structure of the Grand Plaza is the privacy of its customer, its comfort and the most important, separate section for the female customers who hang out with their friends.

Opening Ceremony Of Grand plaza :

The opening ceremony of Grand Plaza was done on 9 October 2020 by the hands of Nanded Mayor Mohini Vijayawankar. These people wished very good luck to the owner of the Grand Plaza and he also praised the food very much. Me and my friends were also present at the time of opening of Grand Plaza, we also tried that food and the food was very good.

I also know this restaurant because I myself have been to this restaurant many times with my friends and family.

Grand plaza roasted mandi

We had enjoyed eating again at the Grand Plaza just a few days ago, we went and ordered the best dish of that which was very tasty to eat.

And the dish that we ordered is an Arabian dish which is found in very few places in Nanded, and entire Marathwada, the name of that dish is Tandori Mandi. Below we have given complete details about this dish which has been given to us by the owner of our Grand Plaza. How does he prepare this dish?

The Interior Side Of Restaurant :-

Grand Plaza is made in 3 sections.
1- Male section.
2- Party Hall.
3- Family Section.

1- Male Section :

grand plaza male section
grand plaza male section

As soon as you enter from the front gate of Grand Plaza, you will reach the mail section directly from the counter. The mail section is designed according to the demand of the customer, Keeping the customer’s comfort in mind.

A distinction has also been made between each table so that the customer can sit comfortably and eat his food. A different washroom has additionally been made for the gentlemen on the equivalent and intensive cleaning is likewise dealt with so the client doesn’t deal with any issue.

2- Party Hall :

 grand plaza party hall
grand plaza party hall

The Grand Plaza Party Hall section has been made on the side of the family section. But a difference has also been kept between the two sections so that no one has a problem. The party hall is decorated in the same way as the customer wants. The image you see above was decorated for a wedding couple’s dinner.

3- Family Section in family restaurant

The family section in the Grand Plaza has been very well organized keeping the privacy of the people in mind. Total 6 cabins built in family section. Each cabin is designed separately, so that no one disturbs the family. Every cabin has a large curtain on the outside. There is also a separate path for the family section which takes you directly to the family section.

Which Type Of Food Has In Grand Plaza ?

All types of food and soup are available at Grand Plaza, like Arabian / Indian / Chinese / Kababs, you will find all these available at Grand Plaza Family Restaurant. And here many varieties of all these types of food have been found, which are very tasty to eat, And below the details of all these food which are available at Grand Plaza have been given and dew details have been given in all those which are famous type of food.

1- Chinese items : Not only veg, there are many Chinese food items in non-veg which are made in a very good way. The price and menu of all these things are given below.

NON-Veg chinese :

Here are the six best Chinese recipes that will allow you to make your Chinese taste even better. And all the things will get less price in the comparison of other hotels. The prices of and every one of the things will get less cost in the correlation of different lodgings. The costs of this multitude of things are given underneath and the name of every one of these

Veg Chinese :

Apart from Veg-crispy, there are many other types of Veg food dishes which are very well made and very spicy, and other types of food are there.

Arabian Food :

Full Bakra Mandi

Mandi & Tandori Mandi :

Is a customary dish that started from Hadhramaut, Yemen, comprising basically of meat and rice with an uncommon mix of flavors, cooked in a pit underground. It is very well known and pervasive in many spaces of the Arabian Peninsula, and surprisingly thought to be a staple dish in numerous locales. In India Mandi is getting more
popular day by day due to the connection of trade and belonging between India and. The Middle East. Mandi was usually made from rice, meat (lamb, camel, goat or chicken), and a mixture of spices called hawaij. The meat utilized is generally a youthful and little measured sheep to improve the taste further. The primary concern which separates Mandi from other meat dishes is that the meat is cooked in steam way for four hours in truly sluggish cook.

tandoori mandi
tandoori mandi

The fundamental procedure which separates man from other meat dishes, is that the meat is cooked in the oven (no-no in Arabic), which is an uncommon sort of stove is typically a pit delved up in the ground and covered with mud all around its sides.

family restaurant

Tandoori Mandi is present in only a few places in the whole of Maharashtra, out of which Grand Plaza is most famous for Tandoori Mandi.

Special Offers in Grand Plaza !

grand plaza hotel & restaurant offer

Grand Plaza always offers something to its customers like special egg biryani on Fridays and Unlimited Veg Thali Every Afternoon for just Rs.99.

Indian Food :

There are many dishes available at Grand Plaza in Indian Food, among them the special dish Mutton Biryani is also present, which you will like very much. Not only mutton biryani, there are many other Indian dishes such as Veg Kadai Masala, Veg Tufani and many more Indian dishes are available.

Grand Plaza Hotel & Family Restaurant Menu PDF :

How is the owner’s behavior at Grand Plaza Hotel & family Restaurant ?

Not only the food of Grand Plaza, but the nature of the owner is also very good for his customers and he always gives best service to his customer.

son of owner of hotel & restuarant
of grand plaza

Shaikh Faizan is the son of the owner of the Grand Plaza, who sees the entire hotel management together with his brothers and his behavior is very nice and friendly. Stupendous Plaza Hotel and Restaurant has a Facebook account.

Address And Location Of the Grand Plaza Hotel & Family Restaurant : Airport Rd, Nomaniya Nagar, Ambekar Nagar, Nanded, Maharashtra 431605 The time of this Hotel is 1: PM To 11:30 PM.

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