Rivers In Nanded
Rivers In Nanded And Its Details.

Rivers In Nanded And Its Details.

Today I will tell you About the Rivers In Nanded, But Before that, we must need to understand that Why we need Rivers? As you all know On Earth, Here 75% is water and 25% is Earth land. It clearly shows that water is very very important for all of us and Rivers are the main source of water. And in rivers the water accumulated through the Rain. And From rivers, we get many minerals. And Rivers play important role in the environment. In The last, we can say that Rivers are the Best Gift From God. That’s why we need Rivers in our environment.

Rivers In Nanded

Now talk About Rivers in Nanded. Primarily in Nanded, Two significant streams are there, first is the Godavari River Which is the biggest River, and the second is famous as Asna River. But In This blog, I will show you the places from where you can see these Rivers. And explore the Nanded. Firstly We are going to Talk About the Godavari River.

Godavari River

Godavari River is very Famous in Maharashtra. Because it is the largest one. The Lenght of Godavari stream is 1,465 km It Flows in Telangana, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. As you know The Godavari is perhaps the biggest waterway in India. You Can See this River in Nanded. In Nanded, you can see this river from many places. First And The Best Place From where you can see the Godavari is Vishnupuri Dam. From this place, You can see it very clearly. If you are there First of all you see the Godavari River And next is Vishnupuri Dam, Vishnupuri Dam is also very Famous in Nanded. And I think there are 15-17 Gates are present in the dam. And From the Top of this gate, You can see the Beautiful View of the River And you can spend your time here. If you visit in the morning, Then you can see The Peacocks. This is the first and best place to see the Godavari River.

The runner-up is Wajegaon Highway ( Wajegaon sidestep Road) It isn’t the specific point is the parkway span from where you can see the River.. Be that as it may, the scaffold is great, You can leave your vehicle on the extension and spot the Godavari. On the Below Side of this extension, There is a block Production (Eento ki Bhatti) is available. But the bridge is nice, You can park your vehicle on the side of the bridge and spot the Godavari

Let’s talk about the third view. The third place from where you can spot the River is The Eid Gah-wajegaon bridge. It is just a bridge from where you can see the River.

The fourth View is the vaserni-bridge And it is also famous as vaziradab-bridge, It is a beautiful bridge. On the sides of this bridge, there is some space is present and can stay there and see the beautiful view of the River. And here you can click the pictures.

Fifth place is Naohgat Bridge. This Bridge is small but looks beautiful. Also on the one side of the extension, there is a space from where you can go into the water. You can see the pictures below.

The sixth and last place from where you can see the Godavari River, And the Place is Zero bridge and it is also famous as Selfie Bridge.it is additionally popular as Selfie Bridge. It is prestigious as a selfie range considering the way that numerous people go there only for the photographs for Facebook, Instagram, and for social media handles. There is an explanation for this, The street of this scaffold is extremely spotless there is no single break is present on the road. And some space is left on the side of this bridge for walking and it makes it more beautiful. And some people use this bridge for bike stunts, As I told you there is no single crack is present on the road. And from here you can see the river and click pictures. These are the places in Nanded from where you can see the Godavari river, So you can visit there and spend some time.

Asna Rivers In Nanded

There is one more river in Nanded, And it is famous as Asna-River. This stream is situated at asna and asna is soon after the Sanghvi. This stream has two scaffolds one is enormous and the second is little. The big bridge is an ancient bridge. But the second Bridge is a new one, This bridge is more beautiful as compared to the other bridges in Nanded. It looks more lovely around evening time due to its lights. From this, you can see the river and the big bridge. At asna, There is a coffee point which is very famous in Nanded. Because at the coffee point there are many other food items is also present and because of that many people have their meals. And due to this, It gets famous in the area. And This is all about the Rivers in Nanded.

In this blog I covered all the bridges and points from where you can see the rivers, There are 6 sights from where you can spot the Godavari river. And from these 6th sights, My personal favorite is Vishnupuri Dam. And one sight is also there from where you can explore the Asna-River is Asna-Bridge.

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