Best Chat and Pani Puri In Nanded
Best Chat Center In Nanded

Best Chat Center In Nanded

Hi, Everyone Today I am going to talk about one of the famous things in India. And it is related to the food. So the Food is chat Bhandar, I mean Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Seve Puri, Dahi Puri, And the Pav Bhaji. And I Think everyone like these foods because it is very tasty and spicy. And I think in India these foods are available in any city. And in Nanded, There are many places where Pani Puri is available. So Today I will explore the best chat Bhandar in Nanded.

Best Chat

Nanded City

Nanded is the City in Maharashtra in India. The second biggest city in the Marathwada area after Aurangabad is Nanded. Nanded is a famous destination for Gurudawaras and especially for Guru Gobind Singh (10th Sikh Guru). Godavari River streams inside Nanded really Nanded is at banks of Godavari waterway. Around 10 million visitors and religious pilgrims are the tourists of Nanded. The focal point of administration is Nanded. Nanded-Waghala Municipal Corporation ( NWMC ) oversees Nanded city. Roughly 550,564 have been people of Nanded as per 2011 records.

Best Chat In Nanded

In Nanded, There are many places where the Pani Puri centers are available. However, I will let you know the best one. Where you can find all the chat, You don’t have to move to the next shop for another chat. So the Name of this Chat Bhandar is AYNATH PAV BHAJI CENTER. This is the shop where you can find the best chat in Nanded. Let’s talk about this center. Recently Our team visited in AYNATH PAV BHAJI CENTER and we shared our experience with you through this blog. So this blog is a review of AYNATH PAV BHAJI CENTER or you can say this as a food blog. So When you enter this shop you will see the many tables and chairs are available. You can go there with your family. So, Here you will find all types of food-related to chat. And the Pani Puri of this Bhandar is awesome, I mean it is very tasty and just perfect. I use the word perfect Because in Pani Puri the Pani plays a very important role. If Pani of Pani Puri is not good then the taste of Pani Puri is not good. And but, In Aynath center it is perfect. Here, The rate of one Pani Puri plate is 10rs. In which you will get 5 Puries. In this Chat Center, you will get Fresh and firm Puries. You can see this, You can see this, in the underneath picture.. They serve Pani Puri in eco-friendly dishes. The parcel service is also available which very fast. And it is very famous in Nanded as Bhagya Nagar ki Pani Puri. Bhagya Nagar is the name of the area where this center is located.

What’s more the scope of menu is wide, Here the rundown of menu, Here the list of menu

  • Pav Bhaji
  • Special Pav Bhaji
  • Kadak Pav Bhaji
  • Butter Pav Bhaji
  • Masala Pav
  • Kadak Pav
  • Fry Bhaji
  • Bhel Pani

Ice cream is also available under is the roof

  • Gulkhand Ice-Cream
  • ButterScotch Ice-Cream
  • Kaju Ice-Cream
  • Pista Ice-Cream
  • Badam Shake
  • Fruit Salad
  • Lassi

All these items are available in the center and everything is best. These items are reasonable in price. Here, Only one cash counter is available. The following is the image of the money counter. On the left side of the cash counter, The chocolate Fridge is available so can get chocolates too.

Best Chat

Speciality Of The Center, Best Chat

The special dish in this chat Bhandar is Pav Bhaji this place is very famous for Pav Bhaji. And this Pav Bhaji is my personal favorite. The taste of this Pav Bhaji is delicious. And I think it is the best Pav Bhaji in Nanded. One Plate contains four Pav and Bhaji that enough for four Pav. Then You can order extra Pav and Bhaji as per your need. The cost of one plate is 50rs. And if you want extra bhaji then its cost is 20rs and for extra Pav, it is 10rs. This dish is served on a steel plate which has three partitions, one is filled with Bhaji, One is filled with Pav and the last one has Kanda (Pyaaz) and lemon (limbo). And this dish is very enjoyable. What’s more here various sorts of Pav Bhaji are additionally accessible as I referenced in the menu. Here you can watch how the Pav Bhaji is made. You can see this in the under the picture.

Our Order

Best Chat

I and my Friend visited this center. And we were started with Pani Puri, And then Pav bhaji. And as I told you in the previous lines these two dishes were awesome in taste. We enjoyed these dishes, And during Pani Puri we had a competition that is who can eat the maximum Pani Puries. And Fortunately my friend won. And in the last, we ordered Badam Shake, as a Finisher. Which serverd in a paper glass. And we are happy wth the assistance means service.

Address of Best Chat Center

This Chat Bhandar is located exactly in Bhagya Nagar, Opposite Saami Sir’s Physics classes, Bhagya Nagar Road, Nanded. You reach there easily by Auto.

This Place is best for a chat in Nanded, If you want to spend a tasty and enjoyable moment then this place is perfect for you. Here you can visit with your family and friends.

So Guys that’s it for this blog. I hope you will love this blog and do not forget to share it with your family, friends, and loved ones. If you guyz liked this blog then make sure to do comments for more food blogs in future.

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