Its All About To HTML Structure,Tags & Its Element

Its All About To HTML Structure,Tags & Its Element

Hello, In this blog today, we will only learn about structure, element and tags of HTML, and special text editor, with the help of which you can easily do it in HTML. So, as we knew about web development in the previous blog, we have done web development and how many types of web developers are there in it. We have read all this in our previous blog, and in that we told you that we should learn you the course of a full-stack web-developer on our The Truth About web-development Everybody Should Know website. If anyone has not seen the previous blog, then they should have done web development by checking this link. So let us now start our first blog of web development, from here our studies will start in web development.

What is HTML ?

HTML is a hypertext markup language. This is not a programming language, The starting language in web development is HTML. With the help of HTML, you create the structure of a web page. To write HTML, we have to use a text editor, such as Notepad in Microsoft and TextEdit in Mac, these are 2 basic text editors. If you will use VS Code, then it is also a special code editor. There are many features in VS code and it represents your code even better. If you also want to use VS code then click on this link to download VS code . In Html, there is an opening and closing tag in all the means, whichever tag you are writing, it is also necessary to close it.<> it is used for opening tag, </> it is used for closing tag.

Structure :-

<title> My first web page </title>

This is the structure of HTML, with the help of this your web page will be created. Let’s define this element one by one.

<!DOCTYPE HTML> :- This element defines that this document belongs to HTML only.

<html>:- This is a root tag of HTML.

<head> :- Heading Element This contains the information of all our web pages, when this web page was created and its name etc.

<title> :- Whatever name you want to put in the title of the web page, you have to write it between the opening and closing tags of the title. The title is only in the heading, so after writing the title of the web page, you will have to close the title as well, close the heading.

<body> :- In the body, whatever content you want to show to the people of your webpage, you have to write it between the opening and closing tags of the body.</html>as soon as you type your content in the body tag, after that you have to close the body tag and also close the HTML tag.

All this is the structur of HTML, so that you can create a simple webpage of this structure.

HTML Element :-

Many elements are used in Hutml, due to which your web page should be more visible. Some of which are important elements.

  • 1) <h1></h1>:- This tag is for heading, in this heading up to h1 ….h6 can be used. In this we can give whatever heading we have to give, but this heading is only 6, we cannot give more heading than this.We will learn more about this element later.
  • 2)<p></p>:- This element is used to make it a paragraph. You can do this element inside the tag to make a paragraph.Whatever the paragraph is, it has to be typed between the opening <p> and</p> closing tags.
  • 3)<br></br>:- It is used for line breake between the paragraph.
  • 4)<hr></hr>:- it is used for create a horizontal line in web page.
  • 5)<b></b>:- It is used for make a text bold in paragraph or important text.
  • 6)<i></I> :- it is used for make a text in italic form.
  • 7)<small></small>:- it is used for make a text in small form.
  • 8)<sup></sup>:- superscript is used for numeric power .
  • 9)<sub></sub>:- It is used for algorithm in HTML.
  • 10)<li></li>:- it is used for create a list, there are 2 types of list 1:- Ordered list <ol></ol> 2:- Unordered list<ul></ul>.

These are the most important of all and elements that make a basic web page look better. We will learn more and many more tags about how to make your web page better.

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