Communication Skills
Communication Skills in this Blog  : Learns from one the best

Communication Skills in this Blog : Learns from one the best

Hi everyone, as we all know In today’s world how communication play important role in our life. Communication is a window to world in which a person who has communication skills can connect with the world. In this blog, we are discussing about communication skills. Why we are discussing about communication skill is a question. So the answer is, In my college there were a whole subject on Communication Skills. In that subject, there were theory as well as practicals. So I have some sort of knowledge related to it which I will delivering to you through this blog. So lets gets started !

Communication Skills :-

Skill means ability to perform something but what is communication ?. Communication is the word derived from latin word ” communicare “. Meaning of “communicare” is ” to share ” so the meaning of communication is defined as the sharing and receiving of information, thoughts, thinkings, emotions, feelings, etc. Communication is the continuous process which mainly involves sender, media and receiver.The elements involved in the process of communication are in below picture,

Communication skills
  • Sender is the source and one who starts the communication. sender generates the message and covey it to receiver.
  • Encoding is the process in which the generated message of sender is encoded symbolically.
  • Media channel is source of communication between sender and the receiver.
  • Receiving is the process in which receiver receives the message sent by the sender.
  • Deconding is the process which coverts the symbols encoded by the sender.
  • Understand is the process in which receiver understands the decoded message in proper perspective.
  • Action is the process in which the receiver acts according to the speaker only then the purpose of communication is successful.
  • Noise is the external sound which can distract sender or receiver during the process of communication.

Once the receiver confirms to sender that he has received the message and understand it then the process of communication is completed.

Forms of Communication :-

People communicates with each other in the number os ways that depends upon message. That’s why there were different forms of communication which are as follows,

1. Verbal Communication :-

Verbal communication refers to the form of communication in which the message is transmitted verbally and the communication is done by words.

2. Non-Verbal Communication :-

Non-verbal communication is the sending and the receiving of worldless messages. Communication other than oral and written such as tone, body language etc is called Non- Verbal communication. Non- Verbal Communication have following sets,

  • Speaker : cloths of speaker, hair style of speaker etc If a person having casual outfit we will not give him attention as given to formal or uniform dressed man like that.
  • Surrounding : raining, lightning etc If there is raining then the communication between a male and female is romantic but if there is earthquake then it won’t.
  • Body language : Posture, gesture, tone , volume etc if someone is talking to you and you are having poor posture then it leads to not assertive or self-assured and if some talking to you and you are shouting at them or loud at them then communication changes to fight.

There are some forms of communication based on purpose and style.

3. Formal Communication :-

In the formal communication there were certain rules and regulation, conventions etc are followed while commuting message. As name suggest it occurs formal style. Usually in settings, co-operate meetings, conferences undergoes etc. In formal communication mostly you don’t call someone by name like if you are talking to Elon Musk then you don’t call him Elon or Musk unless and until you are in good books of him. you will definitely call him Mr. Elon or Mr.Musk.

4. Informal Communication :-

Informal communication is done by using channels which are in contrast with formal communication change. Informal communication is just a normal talk no rules no regulation etc. This communication happens among family and friends.

Barriers in Communication :-

In the process of communication some sort of barriers takes place which are as follows,

  • Physical barrier : Hearing distance, loud music, ill heath, sleepness etc are the physical barriers takes place.
  • Mechanical barriers : Poor network commuting, clock of changing, faulty loud speaker, spreader ink etc create obstruction in process and these are the mechanical barriers.
  • Organisational barriers : Policies, rules, regulations, complexities, structure, time, pressure etc are the organisational barriers.
  • Language barriers : Badly expressed words or messages or symbols, words with different meaning, faulty translation etc are the language barriers.
  • Phychological barriers : Misunderstanding, confusion, unhappy, emotions, illness, fear etc are the psychological barriers.
  • Cultural barriers : Ethnic, religious, cultural difference, tradition, behaviour etc are the cultural barriers.
  • Personal barriers : Fear of change of authority, lack of confidence, unwillingness to communicate etc can create obstruction and these are personal barriers.

Overcoming barriers :-

There are different remedies to overcome barriers in communication which are as follows,

  1. Before communication clarifying the ideas
  2. Thinking first
  3. Consult other before communication
  4. Be aware of language, tone and content
  5. Ensure proper feedback
  6. Connect with the audience
  7. Effective questioning
  8. Maintain eye contact
  9. Be patient
  10. Speak one at a time
  11. Control emotions
  12. Be a good listener

So Guys that’s it for this blog. I genuinely want to believe that you will adore this blog and remember to impart to your family, companions and friends and family. On the off chance that you folks preferred this blog, try to do remarks for more communication journals. More information about communication skills is available on wikipedia.

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