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D-MART The One Of The Super-Market In Nanded:

D-MART The One Of The Super-Market In Nanded:

Today we are going to tell you about the biggest super market of Nanded. Where we went a few days ago. There are many supermarkets in Nanded, but D-Mart is the biggest supermarket of Nanded. Here you will get everything under a single roof.

Location Of D-MART :-

D-Mart has been built in a sparsely populated part of Nanded. Because of which no one here has any problem, not only Nanded here, but people from all the villages around it come here for shopping.

D-Mart Canal Rd, Tirumala Nagar, Nanded, Maharashtra 411052 is present in this area which is built in very sparsely populated and newly developed area of Nanded. Due to which people do not have to face any problem like traffic, congestion.


As soon as you enter the gate of the D-MART, you will see the parking area. Here you can park both your bike and your car. For which you will not feel any chagrin. You will see a cabin as soon as you go inside to park the vehicle, If you have any goods brought from outside, then you will have to deposit it on the same. Here the worker will give you a token, above which the number on your luggage will be written. You can take your goods back by showing it back to the token.

Out-Side Area:-


As soon as you go inside, you will see a lot of trolleys outside, from this you have to take the trolley and go inside and in this you have to keep the luggage. A center for chat and popcorn has also been kept for you outside. Here you can go inside for shopping even after eating something light. And also the facility of drinking water is also available. You will not have any problem even for water.


Before you enter the D-mart remotely, you are checked. Here both male/female guards are present. There is a room for ladies, as you can see in the image. Here the female guards check the ladies. After this you can go inside.

Inside Area Of D-MART :-

As soon as you go inside, first of all you will see the section of ladies cosmetics. Every single brand of cosmetics is available here. All cosmetic items are fresh, those whose date expires, they are removed after seeing it. D-Mart is divided into several sections so that the customer can easily get whatever he wants.

Gent`s And Ladies Cloth Section :-

Here separate cloth sections have been made for gents and ladies. And all the clothes section has been done in the gents section too. As a separate section of T-shirts will be arranged according to their price, so that they are kept. Paints Section, Shirts Section, Under Garments Section. All these sections have been made so that whatever the customer wants can be easily found. And here all the gents keep clothes with their price labels.

So that at whatever price you have to buy clothes, according to that you can buy according to your price in that section. Here you will get good brand clothes at very affordable price. In the same way, the ladies section has been considered here, just as the clothes section of the gents has been considered.

Changing Room / Trial Room :-

How many trial rooms have been set up in D-Mart keeping your privacy in mind. In which both ladies and gents section is present. Guards stand outside the trial room, who give you tokens according to the selected clothes. As if you have taken any 2 or 3 dresses for the trail, then they will give you a token of number 3. As soon as you leave the trial room, you will check the dress by taking that token.

Child Section :-

In the child section, you will get everything available for the children, whatever you need, here everything from the children’s toys to their medicines, clothes, etc.

SuperMarket :-

In D-Mart supermarket you will get everything like tooth paste, brush, detergent, all food items like spices and many more. All these things are available here in many different brands of products. For the sake of the rest, there are many toys and many other things available here.

There are many brands present in D-Mart, whether it is in clothes or in food items. If you have any idea, then there are gazelles present there for your help. It gives you all the information about that product in sales. Whatever you buy, you have to put it in the basket or trolley which you have taken while coming in.

As soon as you complete your shopping, you will see many counters before going to the exit away. Here is what you have taken, let’s do the billing of that, here by scanning your goods that bill receipt is issued to you through the computer. This is where you are given the bill pay as your goods are packed. Only after this you are checked even before leaving the exit gate.

D-Mart Timing :-

The timing of D-Mart is from 9 am to 10 pm only. D-Mart remains off on Sundays as well, if some problem is encountered then only D-Mart remains off. We know so much about D-Mart because we ourselves have visited here many times. Many offers are also engaged here. If you shop at the time of these offers, then you get 25 to 20 percent off.

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