Introduction to Programming and How to start ?

Introduction to Programming and How to start ?

Hi everyone, hope you are all fine. In this blog we will learn what is programming and how to start it. Actually I am student of Computer Science and Engineering that is CSE and I am sharing my experience to you through this blog so lets gets started.

Introduction to programming :-

As we all know, Everywhere around the world everything is going online like before 20 years we have to go to market to purchase something like fruits, cloths etc etc but now in year 2022 here Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket etc online applications and web-applications are avaliable and with the help of these applications we are purchasing everything we want instead of going to shopping markets. Medical shops are also available online Netmeds etc. Barber shop, Ac repair, Makeup parlour etc etc available in Urban Company. Glasses sunglasses we are purchasing also available in lenskart. Movies theather movies are also available in Netflix, DisneyPlus Hostar etc etc. We are enjoying these application and using it without knowing how they work how to built applications like them.

Programming is used for making applications. But it is not as simple as that. All above are the examples of programming which is quite easier to understand to a beginner. Yes, you all are beginners because no professional one would learn what is programming and how to started. So keep in your mind you know nothing in programming. Programming is evolving day by day. Someone in somewhere around the world developing programming and we didn’t even notice until it gets attention.

But what actually programming is ? this is the question. And the answer is that programming is derived from a word program and another question is what is program ? So Program is set of instructions or commands or work that machine follows. Programming is creating those instructions or commands or work and a person who do programming is called as programmer. This programming is all around softwares. Now what does it means ?


As you know fan is also machine. If you turn on the switch it works and if you turn off the switch it stops. Now here you are also giving instruction to machine that work if I turn on switch otherwise don’t and machine also following that but is this programming ? Actually not. Programming is shutdown your PC or Restarting your phone etc.Programming is all about software machines. and in above I mentions some big companies which are also a type of software machines like Netflix, Amazon, lenskart etc. As most of the people know Iron Man (Marvel Movie Character) he has a super computer which works as his assistant in his films called Jarvis. So Jarvis is also a program and iron man is a programmer of Jarvis and if you guys learns programming then in the future you should make Jarvis for your own. But how iron man programmed Jarvis. How to learn programming?

Note :- Phone is also a computer.

I am from India and in India there were more than 22 languages are spoken and in the world there were over 7,100 languages or more were spoken. In India my mother tongue is Hindi and I want to give command to some France citizene. Now France citizens only now French language as it is their mother tongue. So how we get connected. As English is the global language of the world. we should use English language like that we humans know 7,100 language and computer know only binary language that is zero(0) or one (1). So how we get connected. So as we have English language there are more than there are over 300 programming languages. But we don’t have to study them all. We have to master 1 or 2 to gets connected to computer. The names of these programming languages are as follows,

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. Java
  4. C
  5. C++
  6. Go
  7. R

etc etc but these are most popular programming languages in year 2022.

Master 1 or 2 from above languages and you should became a programmer and gets a job of software developer or computer programmer etc. But the question is how to learn them and how to start programming or learning programming languages ?

Note :- Most of people learn programming for jobs that why we are focusing on jobs

How to start :-

To start programming or learn programming you should choose one language first and master the language properly and then decide another one. If you try to learn both or learn both half half then it won’t work no one could give you the job. First master one then master another.

If you are regular viewer of our website then I wanted to tell you that we are teaching python programming language from scratch or zero to Mastery. So you will start programming with us through our blogs and if you are not our regular view just stay here during surfing then you should learn programming through different courses like Scarlet Academy, Udemy, Whitehatjunior etc etc.

We choose python because I learnt python from my college and also from Udemy course and I will start give away of that Udemy course for free to you all. so keep connected with us.I personally believe Python is the easiest programming language ever and you also believe after learning python through our blogs.

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