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Chaudhry Juice Centre In Nanded : One Of The Best

Chaudhry Juice Centre In Nanded : One Of The Best

Hello everyone, I am wiring this blog in April 2022. As we all know in the month of April there were Summers and having very warm weather. Everybody wanted to feel cool that’s why the drink cold juices. There were different types of juices like fruits juice, cold drinks etc etc.Cold beverages are containing cold water with powder yet organic product juice having genuine organic product. Fruit Juice is more helpful as compare to cold drink juice. So in Nanded, there is a place where different flavours pure fruit juices is available in Juice Centre. Me and my team visited that shop and we will gonna share our experience to you through this blog.

So the name of the shop is Chaudhry Juice Centre . The location of Chaudhry Juice centre is at Madina Complex Degloor Naka, Hyderabad Road, Nanded, Maharashtra 431604. This shop having various sorts of organic product squeeze and having extraordinary flavors too. The location of this shop on google maps is in below button,

Chaudhry Juice Centre is one of the best juice centre in Nanded. In this shop, they not only sell juices but also sell fruits as well as kulfi and ice creams which gives this juice centre luxurious look. As you can see in above picture, In left side there were a fruit shops these fruits are high quality and fresh fruits and in the middle there were packed juices shops and in the right there were kulfi and ice cream shop. This shop is opened at 9 am in the morning to 12 pm in the night.

Menu of Chaudhry Juice Centre :-

There is a Menu card of Chaudhry Juice Centre in which there were two categories juices were being distributed. First one is Plane Juice and Another one is Special Juices.

Plane Juice Menu :-

  • Lassi – Rs.20/-
  • Pineapple Juice – Rs.40/-
  • Cocktail Juice – Rs.50/-
  • Anjir Juice – Rs.60/-
  • Sweet Lime Juice – Rs.50/-
  • Orange Juice- Rs.40/-
  • Apple Juice – Rs.50/-
  • Anaar Juice – Rs.50/-
  • Mango Juice – Rs.50/-
  • Chickoo Juice – Rs.40/-
  • Kala Juice – Rs.40/-

Special Juice Menu :-

  • Fruit Salad – Full For Rs.100/- and Half For Rs.70/-
  • Anjir Cream – Rs.100/-
  • Faluda- Full For Rs.70/- and Half For Rs.50/-
  • Coconut Cream – Rs.80/-
  • Strawberry Cream – Rs.80/-
  • Sitapal Cream – Full For Rs.100/- and Half For Rs.60/-
  • Mango Mastani – Full For Rs.100/- and Half For Rs.70/-
  • Badam Mastani- Full For Rs.100/- and Half For Rs.70/-
  • Kaju Mastani – Full For Rs.100/- and Half For Rs.70/-
  • Anjir Mastani – Full For Rs.100/- and Half For Rs.70/-

Our Order :-

Juice centre

So me and my colleague arranges a few Mastani Juices from the extraordinary Menu. The left glass having Kaju Mastani where as Right glass having Mango Mastani. As the look tasty in picture they were additionally colossal in the taste. To taste that you try to visit this shop. These Mastani were contained Natural Mangoes and Kajus. The cream of top of that Mastani expands its flavor as well as looks tasty. We request half glass of Mastani on the grounds that glass is in immense size. on the off chance that you are not eaten any feast on the off chance that you are extremely ravenous, you ought to take Full glass other shrewd take half glass. How much half Mastani in the glass is similarly extraordinary. They gave metallic or steel spoons with Mastani which is truly agreeable on the grounds that I visited numerous juice place where they gave plastic spoon which gets twisted because of weight of juice or because of knock to glass so metallic or steel spoon give hard hold and they don’t even twisted.

Later my team member also ordered Mix Fruit Juice half glass to check its taste and I bet you that Mix fruit juice of Chaudhry Juice Centre is equal in taste to one of the 5 star restaurant juices.

This Mix Fruit Juice is also available in Rs.40/-. It is another unique juice from Chaudhry Juice focus that is the reason it isn’t accessible in Menu. Its taste was so great. I additionally taste it ordinarily and it is extremely bright.

In Chaudhry Juice Center, there were exceptionally lovely guest plan for clients They have waiters for your order. The image of juices are also viable on the walls of Juice Centre with their name and price which gives attractive look to the shop. They also gave free water while in other juice centre or restaurants you have to purchase a water bottle for your own. They also provide free napkins for hygienic purposes They also have tap for washing hands. In the left side of tap, there were a kitchen of juice centre where all the juices were made. They also have water cans to full fill the need of cold water of customer. There were water coolers for the comfort of the customers. This spot is exceptionally perfect which shows that the proprietor of the shop know the significance of cleanliness that is the reason their staff dealing with that. This sitting arrangement and images on the walls gives luxurious look to the shop.


In above picture, the person sitting on the chair is the owner of Chaudhry Juice Centre . Owner’s name is MrAhmed Chaudhry and he is very kind and gentle.Chaudhry Juice Centre is also have parcel service. If you face any queries then you contact to him. You can call him as well as text him through his WhatsApp mobile number is +9109970994086.

So Guys that’s it for this blog. I genuinely want to believe that you will adore this blog and remember to impart to your family, companions and friends and family. On the off chance that you folks preferred this blog, try to do remarks for more food online journals.

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