The Truth About web-development Everybody Should Know

The Truth About web-development Everybody Should Know

Hello Everyone, As you all know that everything is happening online right now, and technology is advancing day by day. And we also have to keep moving forward with this technology. For all of you, we are going to take a very good web-development course on our website. Here you will learn everything about web development, from which you are going to benefit a lot. This can make your career very good and successful.

Web-Development :-

Web-Development is such a field, by learning that you can apply for many jobs in this field. If you want to learn web development then this blog is only for you. In this blog we will tell you that we have done web development? How much salary can you get from this? And what did you do to learn it? And how many projects will you have to make in this for your resume? In web development, you can use HTML, CSS, Javascript, Django, and many other web development languages ​​to maintain your website, and you can use it for web applications. The more information about web development is available on wikipedia.

Types of Web-Developer !

There are 3 types of web-developer in web-development, which are called frontend, backend and full stack developer. There are only 3 types of developers in web development. Apart from this, you can also earn earning by creating your own website. Right now only I will tell you that I have done frontend, backend and full stack web developer, and their salary and which languages ​​you need.

(1) Frontend Web-developer :-

Frontend web developer is the one who, whatever things you see on the screen of a website or web application, all this becomes a frontend web developer. For which he uses HTML, CSS, Javascript, these languages ​​make it their website or web application. Now if you people have started web development, then you will find all these new languages, then there is no need to panic for this. Because I will introduce you to these three languages ​​that have done HTML, CSS, and Javascript. And why is it in frontend language?

HTML :- HTML’s that you can make your website structure and this is the most basic language of web development. Only your web structure is made from HTML.

CSS :- With the help of css, you can add colour, margin, and background image and many more things to the website.

JAVASCRIPT :- With the help of JavaScript , you can make your web site extraordinary. Which can be used in website animation, background image, dialog box, addition of numbers and web application.

Out of all these three I am frontend languages. With which you can create your basic website with needed. And these three languages ​​are very easy which we will learn.

(2) Backend Web-Developer :-

The backend developer becomes that part of the website which is processed only by the library and you do not see it. Backend includes d-jango, php, javascript and more languages are used in backend web development.

(3) Full Stack Web-Developer :-

Full Stack Web-Developer these developers are well versed in both frontend and backend languages. To become a full stack web developer, you should be proficient in both frontend and backend languages. Both backend and frontend developers work under Full Stack Web Developer.

When both the developers complete their work, all that data is checked by the full stack web-developer.When both the developers complete their work, all that data is checked by the full stack web-developer.

How much money can you earn in a year?

Web development is such a field in which you can do freelancing only as a developer.And by creating many web applications, they can earn money by selling them. If you also do freelancing by becoming a web developer, then you can earn 3-5 lakh per year.

If you also work as a frontend developer in any Indian software company, then you can get 5-6 lakhs per year.And this money increases on the basis of your skill, as your skill and experience increases, in the same way your salary also increases. Similarly, the starting salary of a backend developer is only 5-6 lakhs per year and depends on his experience and skill.

The salary of full stack web-developer is more than that of frontend and backend developer, his starting salary is 8-10 lakhs per year. Because the full stack developer knows both the languages ​​of the developer, as well as his skill is also extreme, that is why his salary is also high.

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