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Gokul Juice Centre Of Nanded : One Of The Best

Gokul Juice Centre Of Nanded : One Of The Best

Hello everyone, as we all know we discussed in the last blog Chaudhry Juice Centre In Nanded : One Of The Best how natural fruit juice is more efficient to us as compares to powder juice. In this blog me and my team had visited Gokul Juice centre of Nanded. It is the one of the famous juice centre of Nanded. So we share our experience to you through this blog, you would call this blog as a review of Gokul juice centre. So lets gets started.

Gokul Juice Centre :-

The name of the shop is Gokul juice Centre. The shop is in Nanded at Shivaji Putala, Vazirabad, Nanded, Maharashtra 431601. This shop have another branch name as Jannu Juice Centre at Ali Bhai Tower, Shivaji Nagar, Nanded – 431602. This shop gives you different vibes because this shop is in front of Nanded Court. So you will see different types of people approaching to this shop like lawyers, police men, petitioners etc etc. The location of this shop on google map is in below button,

Gokul Juice centre is one the best juice centre of Nanded. And Gokul Juice centre not only sell juices but also sell fruits like Chaudhary Juice centre. In above picture, left side area is a cash counter and right side area is for sitting arrangement of customers. This shops is opened at 10 am in the morning to 11 pm in the night. This shop is little small as compare to Chaudhry Juice Centre.

Menu :-

There is a menu card of Gokul Juice centre in which there were different categories of juices, ice cream etc were being distributed. These menu categories are as follows,

Mastani :-

  • Apple Mastani- Full For Rs.120/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.130/-
  • Anjeer Mastani – Full For Rs.110/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.140/-
  • Chikoo Mastani – Full For Rs.100/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.120/-
  • Fresh Alphanso Mastani– Full For Rs.140/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.150/-
  • Fruit Mastani– Full For Rs.160/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.180/-
  • Jamun Mastani– Full For Rs.180/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.200/-
  • Kaju Mastani– Full For Rs.180/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.200/-
  • Mango Kaju Mastani– Full For Rs.110/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.140/-
  • Strawberry Mastani– Full For Rs.120/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.140/-

Milk Shake :-

  • Apple Milk Shake – Rs.80/-
  • Ajneer Milk Shake – Rs.80/-
  • Vanila Milk Shake – Rs.40/-
  • Chikoo Milk Shake – Rs.60/-
  • Chocolate Milk Shake – Rs.50/-
  • Fresh Alphanso Milk Shake – Rs.100/-
  • Kharbooz Milk Shake – Rs.70/-
  • Mango Milk Shake – Rs.90/-
  • Pineapple Milk Shake – Rs.70/-
  • Rose Milk Shake – Rs.50/-
  • Sitafal Milk Shake – Rs.60/-
  • Strawberry Milk Shake – Rs.90/-
  • Jamun Milk shake– Full For Rs.140/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.160/-

Cocktail :-

  • Apple Chikoo Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Apple Pineapple Cocktail – Rs.70/-
  • Apple Mango Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Apple Coconut Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Apple Musambi Pineapple Cocktail – Rs.70/-
  • Anjeer Mango Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Annar Grapes Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Chocolate Chikoo Cocktail – Rs.60/-
  • Chikoo Grapes Cocktail – Rs.60/-
  • Jamun Coconut Cocktail – Rs.100/-
  • Kharbooz Cocktail – Rs.60/-
  • Musambi Pineapple Cocktail – Rs.50/-
  • Musambi Grapes Cocktail – Rs.50/-
  • Mix Juice Cocktail– Full For Rs.50/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.60/-
  • Orange Musambi Cocktail – Rs.50/-
  • Orange Watermelon Strawberry Cocktail – Rs.70/-
  • Papaya Grapes Cocktail – Rs.60/-
  • Papaya Kharbooz Cocktail – Rs.60/-
  • Rangila Cocktail – Rs.60/-
  • Strawberry Apple Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Strawberry Pineapple Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Strawberry Coconut Cocktail – Rs.70/-
  • Strawberry Orange Apple Cocktail – Rs.80/-
  • Sitafal Dry Fruit– Full For Rs.140/- and 1 by 2 For Rs.150/-

Pure Juice :-

  • Apple juice – Rs.140/-
  • Annar juice – Rs.80/-
  • Black Grapes juice – Rs.60/-
  • Coconut juice – Rs.50/-
  • Kharbooz Plane juice – Rs.100/-
  • Musambi juice – Rs.50/-
  • Orange juice – Rs.50/-
  • Pineapple juice – Rs.50/-
  • Pineapple Pure juice – Rs.100/-
  • Pineapple Without Ice juice – Rs.60/-
  • Watermelon juice – Rs.40/-

Creame :-

  • Apple Cream– Full For Rs.120/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.140/-
  • Alphanso Cream– Full For Rs.140/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.150/-
  • Chikoo Cream– Full For Rs.70/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.80/-
  • Fruit Salad Cream– Full For Rs.120/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.140/-
  • Sitafal Cream– Full For Rs.150/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.160/-
  • Strawberry Cream– Full For Rs.120/- and 1 x 2 For Rs.140/-

Ice Cream :-

  • Butter Scotch Ice cream – Rs.30/-
  • Strawberry Ice cream – Rs.30/-
  • Vanilla Ice cream – Rs.25/-

Vegetable Juice :-

This Juice centre have various types of vegetable juices like beet juice, carrot juice, cabbage juice, cauliflower juice, karela juice, methi juice, palak juice, Tomato juice etc which are only available in seasonal.

Our Order :-

Gokul Juice

These all are our orders which contains only mastanis. In first top left picture, me and my college friends orders 5 mango mastani half glass which was around Rs.60/- each and In centre of this picture there were a huge bowl and it contains fruit mastani half which is around Rs.80/-. In remaining pictures, me and my team ordered one Mango Mastani and one Kaju Mastani both half which was around Rs.60/- for mango mastani and Rs.90. In all these mastanis these they put dry fruits like almond, cashew, raisins with vanilla ice cream which tastes delicious and gave premium looks to the deserts.

In Gokul Juice centre, they have a decent sitting arrangement for customers. This sitting arrangement is not as good as Chaudhary Juice centre but menu is very good. Gokul Juice centre also have simple kitchen infant of people so that they will see how they maintain cleanliness. This juice centre is divided into two section as you see in above. Left side area is billing area and right side area contains sitting arrangement and kitchen. So overall this shop looks simple but taste magnificent. This spot is exceptionally perfect which shows that the proprietor of the shop know the significance of cleanliness that is the reason their staff dealing with that.

So Guys that’s it for this blog. I genuinely want to believe that you will adore this blog and remember to impart to your family, companions and friends and family. On the off chance that you folks preferred this blog, try to do remarks for more food online journals.

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Thank you 🙂

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