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Group Discussion : Why so important ?

Group Discussion : Why so important ?

Hi everyone, To survive in this cruel world two major and popular sources of income are Business and jobs. In today’s world, Job is more safe than business because it has less risk than business but to get a secured jobs there are some hurdles. The Human Resources division or HR is the one who finds, recruits and trains job applicants. The process of recruitment has 3 stages. First one is Aptitude Test, Second one is Group Discussion and Final stage is Interview. So basically to get a nice job generally job applicants must need to cracks or clear these stages. In my previous blog, we discussed All About Interview : Value And Best Preparation make to visit and in this blog we are discussing about Group Discussion. So as I said in my previous blogs, I am a CSE student and I am having a subject on Group Discussion So I have some sort of knowledge related to this topic which I am going to share with you through this blog. So lets gets started !

What is Group Discussion :-

Group Discussion is a discussion carried out by limited number of people (not less than 5 and not more than 9) of group members on particular topic in order to come conclusion.

So what is group discussion we saw and why is group discussion is we discussed in introduction or beginning but the process of group discussion is group members in a group discussion sit on round or semi-circular or face to face tables. They are given the topic on the spot and gets 2 to 3 minutes for preparation or to think about it then after that group discussion starts and continues for a while. There are two major roles of group discussion. One is the beginner of group discussion or the one who starts the group discussion is the Leader of group discussion. And another one is the one who concludes the Group discussion. These are major roles because Leader is the one who leads the group discussion, as leader starts group discussion and one of the member of group not ables to speak properly or takes a very long pause then it is a responsibility of leader to continues group discussion smoothly leader needs to speak on behalf of that member so that group discussion not collapsed while the responsibility of concluder is to make sure that everyone got a chance to speak and they at least spoked then concluder has to conclude discussion. If concluder concludes the group discussion and some of group member not get a chance to speak then it is the concluders mistake not group member’s.

Group Discussion

Process explained with example :-

For example You guys having a group discussion topic “How social media affects our social skills ?“. So the leader is the one who starts the Topic who gives introduction to topic is like Role of social media now a days, importance etc then leader should asks his group members about their opinion on group discussion topic like “Hey what you guys think social media affects our social skills ?” then group members must need to spoke 2 3 pros and cons of topic. Like if a group discussion has 6 members then first is the Leader and sixth is the concluder while second, third, fourth, and fifth must need to discuss about pros and cons of topic like second and fourth are discussing about pros while third and fifth are discussing about cons. After everyone has spoke then concluder need to concludes the topic as he or she will give their opinion about topic not only in the favour of topic but also in the against. Like everyone spoke then concluder concludes that “Yes, Social Media affecting our socials skills” or “No, it does not affect social skills” explain about why this is his opinion then thank everyone. This is all the responsibility of concluder after everyone.

Importance :-

The importance of group discussion are as follows,

  • Group discussion is very important and it is used in requirement process.
  • Group discussion increases the confidence of job applicants as he able to speak and share his opinion in front of anyone.
  • Group discussion also improves thinking skills as well as communication skills.
  • Group discussion helps companies to see the skills of job applicants like confidence, way of perspective, leadership etc to shortlist student for interviews.
  • Group discussion is useful tool for problem solving.
  • Group discussion can help to increase leadership skills.
  • Group discussion used when a huge or very hard projects are available or in the queue of company and company requires a job applicants perfect for that.

Techniques for Group Discussion :-

  • We should speak
  • Use formal language
  • Use formal cloths
  • Be calm
  • Be brief
  • Motivate others to speaker before going to group discussion
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Be attentive
  • Listen respectfully without interrupting
  • speak loud and proper
  • don’t assume someone is interrupting you

etc etc are the techniques for Group Discussion.

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