Communication Skills
Business Communication & Why It Is Important

Business Communication & Why It Is Important

Hi everyone, As our website has blog on Communication skills but Now this blog’s topic is Business Communication. In my previous blog, we discussed Communication Skills in this Blog : Learns from one the best make a visit. There is a difference in between Communication skills and Business Communication. Communication Skills is sharing of thoughts, ideas, perspective etc among related topic but Business Communication is sharing of thoughts, ideas, perspectives etc among related topic in connection with business. Now a days Business Communication is not only used in business but also in co-operate sector, different jobs, in organisations etc etc. So learning business communication must thing and everyone needs. In Top MCN ( Multi National Companies ) and many Startups, Business Communication is the must requirement. So in this blog we are discussing about Business Communication. So as I said in my previous blogs, I am a CSE student and I am having a subject on Business Communication So I have some sort of knowledge related to this topic which I am going to share with you through this blog. So lets gets started !

What is Business Communication ?

As I mentioned in the beginning, Business Communication is sharing of thoughts, ideas, information between employees with in company as well as outside a company in a business environment. Business Communication is vital to every part of business. For example, employees processes information with computers, write messages, fill out forms, give and receive orders, and talk over the telephone, Executives use written and oral messages to initiate business with customers and other companies and respond to incoming messages.

How Business Communication is different from General Communication ?

Business Communication

  • Business communication deals with only business related information.
  • It is more formal, direct and well organised.
  • It uses certain formats to convey message.
  • There is not scope of using personal feelings or emotions or opinion in business messages.
  • It always deals with practical information.
  • It is impartial and objective.
  • The purpose of every message in business communication is to elicit certain action.
  • Tables, charts, graphs, photos, diagram etc are frequently used in business communication.

Importance :-

The importance of business communication are as follows,

  • Exchanging information :- For Exchanging information in business environment, business communication is used.
  • Preparing plans and policies :- Generally for making plans, policies business commuincation is the only way.
  • Achieving Goals :- Business Communication plays important role in achieving goals
  • Increasing employee’s efficiency :- Business communication increases employees efficiency.
  • Solving Problems :- Business Communication helps in solving problems in business environment.
  • Making decisions :- Business communication helps in making desicins in business environment.
  • Improving industrial relations : Business communication helps in improving industrials relations as both gets profit and benefit as well.
  • Publicity of goods and services :- Business communication helps in publicity of goods and services.
  • Removing controversies :- Business communication helps in removing controversies .
  • Enhancing employee satisfaction :- Business communication helps in enhancing satisfaction of employees.
  • Enhancing loyalty :- Business communication helps in enhancing loyalty.
  • Helps in market :- Business communication helps in national as well as international market.
  • Healthier workplace environment :- Business communication helps in healthier workplace environment.
  • Cohesion within team :- Business communication creates cohesions within the team.

So Guys that’s it for this blog. I genuinely want to believe that you will adore this blog and remember to impart to your family, companions and friends and family. On the off chance that you folks preferred this blog, try to do remarks for more communication journals. More information about interviews is available on wikipedia.

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